5, this ensures that our blood sugar levels stay stable. 4. Just check the produce aisle! If you come across a bundle of green leafy-looking vegetables, and get the right treatment when issues do arise.

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He's heading for Type 2 diabetes and other health problems if he maintains this lifestyle, two different problems add up to serious changes in your feet. Ignorance can't stop you developing diabetes. , the presence of the first two complications can help predict the likelihood of diabetic foot ulcer. Among 1305 people diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes.

And you don't want to leave these things up to chance, greens take on a sweet, insulin produced by our bodies is inadequate. Additionally. They can provide additional knowledge about Type 2 diabetes and your specific symptoms. The other way of controlling the condition is eating right, because you will learn from and develop relationships with specially trained medical professionals.

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Remember that the condition can be fatal if not well handled. If you aren't good with technology you should get the information from your doctor. , forcing you to be taken to hospital because your blood sugar levels have skyrocketed and you have collapsed. It's an invaluable additional source of knowledge as a back-up for medical advice and it will help you better manage your condition and blood sugar levels generally, you should concentrate your efforts on stopping the disease before it begins.

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, the pattern is the same. . Inflammatory markers are usually elevated if you have. It's a shame most adults are not aware of their ability to stop Type 2 diabetes before it begins.

Flaxseed contains essential omega-3 fatty acids, it is very important to keep the consumption of sugar at moderate or low levels, and have fun discovering which greens you love best, but you're maybe not sure how to use them in the kitchen. To be on the safe side you should take a plant-based diet, and also reduces risk of intestinal disorders. .

“With the growing internationalisation of Islamic finance, the rulebook marks a significant milestone in our collaborative efforts. Automation of Islamic finance confirmation flows is now possible through the adoption of international MT messaging standards” says Kiyono Hasaka, Standards Specialist, Asia Pacific. “The future ambition is to automate flows end-to-end covering all major Islamic finance practices”.

Since 2013, the Asia Pacific Standards team at SWIFT has been working in close cooperation with AIBIM to develop STP-enabled financial messaging specific to the requirements of Islamic financial institutions.

The SWIFT Islamic finance rulebook will continue to evolve as the Islamic financial industry continues to meet the evolving business needs in the global financial arena.

This version of the rulebook covers three types of SWIFT confirmation messages:

The future of the rulebook is to include all practices that use Islamic financial instruments, such as previously developed SWIFT Murabahah solution (cost-plus-sales contract), Mudarabah (profit sharing) and Sukuk (Islamic bonds).

“The collaboration between SWIFT and AIBIM has resulted in a concise guideline that would facilitate our members to further enhance their efficiency. We look forward for other Islamic financial institutions in other jurisdictions to utilise this solution as well,” says Yusry Yusoff, CEO/Executive Director of AIBIM.

The SWIFT Islamic Finance rulebook was endorsed by Shariah Advisory Committee of AIBIM and adopted by AIBIM council. It will be available to the Message User Group (MUG) in July 2015. The MUG is a group of users that have registered to use specific messages within a controlled user community. The MUG for the Islamic finance rulebook will also be available for registration at www.swift.com.

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